Streamyx ZONE
Important Note: For New Streamyx Zone users which is under UniFi packages, please select 'UniFi Users' from the Menu
and key in Username & Password.
To log out please click LOGOUT button or type "ap.logout" at the address bar.
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Effective 19th Sept 2011, streamyx ZONE is now TM WiFi.
  1. At the log in menu, please select TM WiFi if you use streamyx ZONE ID.
  2. Your wifi username and password is not changed.
  3. The streamyx ZONE prepaid card still can be used at TM WiFi sites until expiry date.
TM WiFi Locations
Lookout for this signage to get connected!
For enquiries and assistance, please call our Customer Interactive Center at 100 or email to

To change your TM WiFi password, please click here. Key in your Streamyx Zone Username , Password & IC Number select service ‘TM WiFi Hotspot’